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Automatic Pool Cleaners

When it comes to robot uprisings, we are okay with the idea of a robotic pool cleaner up and deciding that it needs to conquer something; given it is stuck at the bottom of the pool, we expect it would eradicate dirt and debris. So it goes. An automatic pool cleaner functions the same way of a traditionally manual pool vacuum, except it has a basic logic board that allows it to run around the floor of your pool for a set period of time while sweeping up bugs, leaves, and other things that can contaminate or stain your pool. We also carry a number of replacement parts for your automatic pool cleaner including hoses, replacement bags, and other bits and pieces that will keep you equipment running around as intended.


We carry robotic pool cleaners from manufacturers we trust with features and a price you expect. Polaris, Rayvac, and SR Smith among others are highly-regarded for their quality. Their automatic pool cleaner models are durable and can stand up against the harsh chemical laden environment of in-ground and above ground pools. They are easy to set up and can often be left alone to do their own thing making the reason you got a pool to relax more easily accomplished.