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Pool Sand Filter Media

Sand filter media can be any loose, granular material that traps particulates in the water. This can include gravel, pool sand and even glass. When dealing with pool filter replacement sand, there are a few key elements to understand about how they work. Sand filter media is a tried and true filter media that acts as a kind of strainer. As water moves through the material, particles become trapped between the media. The more dirt and debris that the media captures the more effective it becomes. Over time flow rates will drop at which point you will need to backwash the filter. The good news about sand filter media is its lifespan. You can backwash the filter as needed, but before you go off and buy pool filter replacement sand, consider that most sand filter media lasts for up to 5 years.


There is a reason that sand filters as so commonly used around the world not just for pool filters, but also for our drinking water. Sand Filter Media is cheap with a long lifespan. There are also a few other options available such as gravel and the more recent glass filter media. Recycled glass is crushed and smoothed leaving behind a fine granular material that is easier to backwash and can filter contaminants down to around 5 microns in size. If you have fewer concerns about finer particles in water stick with a gravel or pool sand media. The best prices and fast ordering for pool filter replacement sand is available right here at Ace Pools!