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Pool Algaecide

Pool algae removal can prove difficult once spores have begun to develop in water. Aside from maintaining the proper chemistry of pool water, we recommend pool algaecide which is formulated to eliminate algae growth. If the problem is minor, chemicals alone may be enough to eliminate the problem. Extensive growth will require a combination of pool vacuuming, backwashing your filter if it uses loose filtration media, replacing a paper filter, cleaning around drains and other small areas where algae can continue to grow and spread.


Algae is dangerous because it is an organism that carries bacteria that can make people sick. Additionally, they stain surfaces and drastically alter the chemistry of pool water so that using pool shock or other chemicals alone may not solve the problem. To tackle the issue, rely on pool algaecide in conjunction with other proactive means to prevent future problems. Pool algae removal can appear difficult but with the right tools it can be accomplished.