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Pool Water Heaters

Set your pool to sizzle and enjoy a different kind of experience when going for swim after shopping our pool water heaters and parts. You can find the system or parts you need ranging from the lower initial costs of an electric heater to our more economical and high-tech gas pool water heaters. Your budget and access to utilities will determine what system you should buy. We highly recommend gas, though having a higher initial cost, gas is far more economical in the long run. Gas systems are also quite high tech, requiring little to no maintenance.


Pool water heaters are technological marvels with more features than ever before. You can install the system yourself if you are handy though the complexity can be too much for some. The good news is that when shopping pool water heaters here at Ace Pools, we have a wide selection of replacement parts and the equipment you need to do maintenance yourself. Once up and running, you will notice the difference immediately, especially on those cooler evenings where you can’t lay out under the sun to warm up.