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Pool & Spa Water Filter Valves

Pool & spa filter valves control the flow of water or gas through system plumping. An aging or poorly built valve can allow leaks and loss of pressure when you are trying to shut off of change the direction of water flow. Hot tub valves are especially crucial as temperature is a large factor for a part's durability. As warm or even hot water is pushing past a cheap hunk of metal or poorly cast plastic, you're at at greater risk of failure. If your pool heater runs on gas, problems can be more severe.


With pool & spa filter valves, you have a number of options for your in-ground and above ground pool system. Choices ranging from single-flow to variable-flow valves, multiport and dial control, up to and including bleeter and injection valves. Your choice of pool & spa filter valves will depend on your system requirements and plumbing design. For hot tub valves and any gas powered system, we recommend checking with the manufacturer and local utility before for attempting to change or replace fittings or other system equipment to prevent leaks or fires.


We sell a number of pool & spa filter valves for a number of systems at affordable prices. Quality parts that are dependable goes a long way in assuring pool & spa equipment is functioning properly so you have more time to enjoy.