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Pool Liner Repair Kits & Replacements

With liner replacements and a quality pool liner repair kit, you can keep your pool and spa equipment looking amazing year round. When wear and tear happens, a quick repair will keep problems from worsening.


Before you spend a ton on a whole redo, start by searching out the right pool liner repair kit. When it comes to rips and tears, a patch kit made from a strong, adhesive-backed polyethylene that sticks on fast, and resists UV rays and chemicals is the best choice. For pesky cracks or when you need to secure a seal, pool epoxy is effective when bonding metal, wood, ceramics, concrete, glass and most plastics including PVC. Most epoxies set in less than 30 minutes and won’t yellow due to UV exposure. Once set, epoxy can be drilled, sanded or painted. The perfect companion for epoxy is sealer. Designed to be flexible and dries in seconds to tackle mission-critical repair jobs, sealer can bond most any material and can even be applied underwater. When it comes time to install new liners or your are looking for liner replacements, a variety of options are at your disposal. From tile to vinyl and everything in between, a good way to improve the look of your pool and to protect your investment is with liner replacements.


Always remember to keep a pool liner repair kit at home with all of the long-lasting and easy to use supplies you need will keep you from being caught out when it is too late to fix a problem without needing extensive repair work.