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Pool Lights & Fountains

You just shopped Ace Pools for pool lights and installed a series of beautiful pool fountains. It is a dark night, bright moon overhead, the air around you is warm. You feel wisps of moisture across your face and hear the gentle rushing of water. You look out across your pool and see glittering orbs of light floating in twilight as water erupts into the air.


Forgive our affection for the amazing pool lights and pool fountains we offer, but they really do a lot to make sitting poolside late in the evening and midnight dips all the more special. You won’t be able to help yourself from keeping outdoor parties with friends going a little long just to show off. And show off you can. We carry pool lights in a variety of designs that will fascinate children or inspire adults. You can choose the design and light element that fits your style. Many can even be programmed to change colors so you can have your own little light show whenever you want. With our selection of pool lights your imagination is the only limitation.


Once dazzled by the show of lights, it’s time to turn on the water works. Maybe Vegas does it bigger, but that doesn’t mean they are better. Pool fountains are not just a decorative element. They add to the fun of swimming and playing games. Add them into a game of water basketball or just for helping you cool off if you don’t want to fully submerge yourself under the water. Pool fountain systems come in fixed or floating versions. Yes, you can have your own multi-tier floating water fountain with a light show. It does sound amazing and you should get started on that project right away!