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Swimming Pool Chemical Dispensers & Feeders

Pool chemical feeders provide that perfect balance of clean water that isn't oversaturated by chemicals. We’ll say it: We want water to be in harmony -- serene and peaceful, fun yet refreshing. Trying to measure and mix your own chemicals can be too difficult. It is a waste of your time and if you get it wrong, you’ll be pulling your hair out trying to get everything right after the fact. You didn’t buy a pool to be endlessly frustrated, right?


There are few types of pool chemical feeders for your above-ground or in-ground pool. You can find pool feeders that float on top of the water and slowly disperse chemicals into the water. In-line systems connect to your pump. Off-line pool chemical dispensers connect to your system using hoses. Your choice of system will depend on a few factors such as space.


Pool chemical dispensers provide more straight-forward pool maintenance. Chemicals are now available in different forms such as liquids and solids, and can be added directly to the pool or at the pump and almost anywhere in between. Bring harmony to your pool from our wide selection of expertly picked products to improve the quality of water you use to swim.