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Mesh Swimming Pool Covers

Repeat after us: Mesh pool covers are important to the safety and security of your family. Pool covers provide many different benefits depending on your needs. Pool owners in northern climates know all-too-well how winterization of outdoor areas protects them from the harshest winter weather. Covers also help to protect our monetary investments. They prevent weather damage and reduce the amount of debris we have to clean out when we open our pool after a few days or a few months.


The only mesh pool covers you want to buy are made from heavy-duty multi-ply mesh. Covers are not solid pieces. Rather smaller sections sewn together. This is where a strong seam becomes important. Interlocked and double overlapped seams form a tight seal and won’t tear when weight is dropped onto your mesh pool cover. Then you have to lock it all down. Mounting points matter with covers and having strong metal hardware make all the difference. They keep the cover laying flat and prevent debris or small animals from slipping underneath the cover. Different mounting equipment gives you control over style and ease of installation.


You will also be happy to know your cover is providing UV protection from the sun. Dirt and debris won’t slip underneath. Every component of your mesh pool cover is thought out by trusted manufacturers. When you know you are keeping your family safe and your pool secure, you can feel more confident in your investment.