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Inflatable Floats & Chairs

How cool is it that you can ride a giant inflatable duck? Forget the robot uprising, inflatable pool floats should be our new overlords. For us to make that happen, we need to band together and start stocking up on inflatable pool floats of every shape and size.


For those days when you feel like kicking back for a little peace, browse our floating pool chairs or mattress and find the one right for you. With unique designs perfect for people of all shape and sizes, you can lay flat or recline with a beverage or snack. A few even have built in cup holders. Like we said, amazing!  


But to really impress everyone, a giant duck or turtle is where it’s at. Great for kids to share and especially great if they aren’t confident around water. For added fun try to come up with some new games. Add in a floating basketball hoop or volleyball net as you seek to claim yourself the winner.


Our catalog of inflatable pool floats and floating pool chairs and mattresses are manufactured from heavy duty vinyl with durable seams that prevent air leaks. They resist UV damage and won’t deteriorate when used around chlorinated water. Deflate them in no time at all for easy storage than puff them back up. Throw it out into the water and find your favorite spot in the water. Let yourself float around during a quiet afternoon or fight off family or friends and claim the pool float for yourself. It doesn’t matter if it is in your backyard, your favorite stream, or at the beach.