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Hot Tub Accessories

Are you ready to take relaxation to a new level? We aren’t talking sensory deprivation or drinking a soup of rare herbs and spices in the presence of an ancient tribe settled high up in the Andes Mountains. Nope, we are talking hot tub accessories. Our hand-picked, high quality collection of hot tub accessories offer value that can make taking a hot soak easier.


We have everything you need to turn up the heat and settle in as muscle aches and pain start to melt away. Pick up a wireless thermometer and check the temperature. Set things exactly how you want them. If you are looking to mix things up, ditch the numbers and the science of heat therapy, toss in spa salts or beads. Choose the fragrance that is right for you. See for yourself how aromatherapy works by inhaling one of many available aromas that can ease the body, help you relax and sleep. Whatever hot tub accessory you need, Ace Pools has got your covered!