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Close your eyes and inhale the hot tub scents and aromatherapy spa beads that will melt away the stresses and anxieties of your day. Activating smell receptors with familiar and exotic fragrances stimulates the parts of the mind that controls emotion. Focus inward with these spa fragrances, and discover peace and harmony.


Relaxation can be a challenge when life gives us so much to worry over. Aromatherapy studies show that spa fragrances can have numerous health benefits including relief from anxiety and depression, reduce pain, and as an aid to help you sleep. Choose from the sweet smell of kiwi, indulge in warming french vanilla or the softness of fresh cut flowers during a private evening surrounded by candles and your favorite book, or perhaps you want to lose yourself in the unknown that comes when partying with pina coladas and peach schnapps. Each scent is different with unique properties and benefits that won’t affect the pH balance of water or leave oily residues. Some of these products can go beyond your hot tub or spa. Aromatherapy Spa Beads can be placed with you in your car or used in some humidifiers. The slow release orbs work in water or sitting out on the counter. The same benefits enjoyed during a warming soak in your hot tub or spa can be enjoyed everywhere.


When you are ready, choose the hot tub scents and spa fragrances you desire and prepare for a unique journey. Improve your mood and emotional state while enjoying an unforgettable experience. All of the products in our catalog promote good health and well-being by enhancing your body’s own innate self-healing abilities so you continue to feel the effects for days at a time. Take time for yourself, relax better, and enjoy life more!

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