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Handheld Pool Vacuums

Swimming pools require a lot of maintenance (dramatic pause) and pool owners know the less time spent keeping things tidy, the better. That is why we provide you with cleaning tools, such as handheld pool vacuums, that take the hassle out of cleanup.


Most home swimming pools can have anywhere from 5,000 to 40,000 gallons. They are big and seemingly attract the worst dirt and debris from our yards, the neighbor’s yard, and places we didn’t know we lived near. Handheld pool vacuums are pretty snazzy when it comes to sucking up whatever has settled at the bottom of the pool. The best part is they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are easy to clean.


All you need to do is make sure the vacuum bag is empty, then lower the system into the pool. From there, guide the handheld pool vacuum around using the included pole over the area where dirt and debris has settled. Never let leaves or other items settle in your pool or they might cause stains or affect the safety and health of water and people swimming in the water. When cleaning is this easy you won’t even consider it that bad of a chore.