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DE Pool Filter Systems

DE or "Diatomaceous Earth" filter media is fascinating in that the material used is the skeletal remains of a type of hard-shelled algae, referred to as diatoms. If you ever want a conversation starter while laying out at the pool, start by bringing up the skeletons in your pool filter. This media’s use in DE pool filters was not devised solely for conversation, rather it is the low density and high porosity that makes them effective. That means the media traps particles down to 3 microns and are far less prone to clogging when compared to polyester or other fine-mesh filters.


In order to work, DE pool filters require that diatomaceous Earth filter powder be spread across the filter grid inside the tank. Simply pour the powder into the skimmer or source of water for the pump. The material dissolves and attaches to the filter grid. From there, when you run your pool pump, pressure forces water through the grid and filter material where microscopic organisms and other harmful contaminants are captured. As with most loose-filter media, diatomaceous Earth filters require periodic backwashing. This process is often unique to each DE pool filter but included instructions will explain the process. The primary use of backwashing is to break up compacted material on the filter bed so materials can be recycled.


DE pool filter grids need to be replaced at regular intervals depending on manufacturer specifications. DE pool filter media is vital to pool filtration so keep an extra bag handy so you never run out. With these systems, you can expect better quality water while also reducing the use of harsh chemical cleaners normally required for eliminating waterborne contaminates.