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Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Above ground pool cleaners are the mechanical bottom feeders you want keeping dirt and debris from spoiling your summer fun. Imagine you have invited friends over for a swim, but didn’t notice that a passing storm dumped a whole lot of filth into the water. You see it has collected around the bottom of your pool. Not a good look for a host. So you break out your pool cleaner and get to work.


With either an automated or manual version, clean up of dirt and debris is a snap. Above ground pool cleaners suction junk from the floor of your pool into internal traps or pool filter systems where the contents can be easily discarded. With automated systems the device runs around the bottom of the pool doing all the work before switching off after a set time. Manual pool cleaners put you in control as you guide the device to suction the floor clean. Whatever your choice, these cleaners from names like Pentair, Rayvac and Hayward are dependable, easy to set up, and make hosting duties a whole lot less stressful.


During each relaxing swim season you always want to keep your pool at its best. Too bad outdoor areas are a tough environment for any product. Exposure to chlorine and UV sunlight can wear out parts sooner than we would like. When your equipment doesn’t work, maintenance suffers. When that happens, the inside of your pool can become stained and unsafe due to changing pH levels and bacterial growth. That’s why you should bookmark for all of your above ground pool accessories including a wide assortment of hoses, replacement bags, vacuum heads, and so much more.