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Pump it up! Selecting the right pump for your pool and your budget

So many choices, so little time couldn’t be a truer maxim when it comes to selecting the right filter pump for your pool or spa.

It’s easy to be absolutely overwhelmed if you’re a new or existing pool owner, looking to purchase a pool pump.

Well, we at AcePools.com are here to help you with that conundrum.

First off, let’s be clear that pool pumps, no matter what kind, are broken down into two parts – the pump that handles the filtration process, and the motor that powers the inner machinations of the pump.

If your pool pump suddenly stops working, and is leaking, don’t just go out and buy a new pump. Often the pump just needs resealing. For under $20, the Hayward Seal Assembly Kit - SPX1600TRA is excellent and is compatible with several Hayward pool pumps.

AcePools.com also carries many popular replacement parts, pumps and motors to help you if you’re faced with this type of scenario.

Single-Speed Pumps

Ideal for both above ground and in-ground pools, single-speed pumps operate flawlessly by using only one speed. Always operating at its highest speed setting, these affordable workhorses produce superb water circulation to ensure your pool’s filter system is working properly. AcePools.com offers several types of Hayward Super Pumps in either 115 or 130 volts. Other excellent brands of single-speed pool pumps to consider are Pentair, Jandy and Aqua-Flo.

One drawback to owning a single-speed pump is that it is not very energy efficient, and should not operate 24 hours a day. These kinds of pumps also use more cartridge and DE filters because it operates at a high rate of speed. Single-Speed pool pumps operate typically at 3,450 revolutions per minute (RPM) and only have the option of being turned on or turned off.

Dual/Two-Speed Pumps

Similar to single-speed pumps, dual/two-speed pumps offer a high and low speed setting. Even though these types of pumps are more expensive than single-speed pumps, its low setting – at 1,725 RPMs – is ideal for basic circulation functions, while the higher setting – at 3,450 RPMs – is perfect for vacuuming your pool or operating the pool’s heater.

Suitable for either an in-ground or above ground pool, the biggest disadvantage to owning a dual-speed pump is the price. One of AcePool’s finest two-speed pumps is the Zodiac SHPM202 Stealth Up-Rated Pool Pump. If you don’t experience sticker shock ($821.95), then you’ll be buying one the finest two-speed pumps manufactured today. Like single-speed pumps, dual-speed pumps are noisy because both use motors built with copper windings.

Variable-Speed Pumps

Built with state-of-the-art Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM), variable-speed pumps, while more expensive than single and dual-speed pumps, last longer, operate quietly and are energy efficient. Variable-speed pumps allow you to adjust the flow rate to the exact speed, and offer several types of speeds to give you the greatest flexibility.

Unlike the single and dual-speed pumps, the motor on the variable-speed pump is sealed, making it better to withstand the elements. Another advantage of owning a variable-speed pump is the slower the speed setting, the better your chlorination and filtration will be. Set at high speeds on a continually basis, variable-speed pumps could possibly damage your filter.

The biggest disadvantage to owning a variable-speed pool pump continues to be the cost. Although the Pentair 342001 is pricey ($709.06), this variable-speed pool pump is a great fit for both above ground and in- ground pools. The 342001 features a handy timer built into it, eliminating the need to it on and off every day. It also automatically senses which voltage is hooked up to it, so there is nothing to adjust. You simply attach the wires and you’re done.

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