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Follow These Basic Steps to Close Your Pool Like A Pro

Even though closing your pool at the end of the season seems like a daunting task, can guide you step-by-step to ensure your pool will stay safe and secure until next summer.

To properly close your pool, you’ll need to skim over our checklist to make sure you’ve got the items you need to make this task quick and easy.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Pool Cover – We strongly recommend purchasing a cover from GLI Pool Products because they make the best pool covers in the business. It's also a good idea to consider purchasing a GLI Air Pillow to place under you cover. When positioned in the center, this Air Pillow pushes the cover off the water so that the cover doesn't freeze to it.
  2. Winter Plugs – these are essential because they plug your return jets and keep them from incurring any damage caused by ice forming inside the return jet.
  3. Get Yourself a Gizzmo – This inexpensive item is essential to ensure ice expansion doesn’t occur inside your skimmer during those harsh winter months
  4. Winter Kit – This winter kit from Pool-Trol includes a concentrated liquid winterizer, winter conditioner and deodorizer, winter stain out, and slow-dissolving winter tablets to keep your pool water protected for up to four months.
  5. AquaPill WinterPill – the WinterPill comes complete with an all-in-one formula that features an exclusive 4-part blend to make spring openings faster and easier. We can’t stress enough about the importance of purchasing an AquaPill WinterPill because it does all the work for you.

Remove Skimmer and Deck Equipment

Make sure the area around your pool is safe by removing your diving board, ladders, rails, safety ropes, and other equipment in and around the pool (not your filter system).

Then, remove the eyeball fittings from all your return lines and the skimmer baskets from your skimmers.

Don’t Forget to Test Your Pool Water

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll need to test your pool water and the essential chemicals to get it ready for those long winter months.

  1. Aquachek 511710 Pool Water Test Strips – These incredibly affordable test strips do it all, as it tests for total chlorine, bromine, hardness, pH and alkalinity. Safe, reliable and comprehensive, you can’t go wrong with these test strips.
  2. Pool Care Instant Shock Treatment – There’s no better way to eliminate any algae growth and/or unpleasant odors before you close your pool for the season. (Tip: Shock your pool the night before you close your pool)
  3. Pool Care pH Plus – Increaser – An excellent additive to ensure your pool water has the proper alkalinity or pH.
  4. Pool Care 3-Month Algaecide – Just because it’s wintertime, doesn’t mean your pool water is safe from algae. This 3-month treatment is a total compliment after you shock your pool water.

Filter, Pump Cleaning and Backwash

After the filter is backwashed, open up the pump lid and remove any debris that is in the basket. Make sure to put the basket back in when finished and put the lid back on.

Make sure to turn the filter back to “Filter” on the multi-port valve before blowing out the lines.

At this time, if you are not using a winter skimmer plate, you should drain the pool 6 inches below the skimmer.

Blowing Out Your Pool Lines or Using Anti-Freeze

Instead of taking on the task yourself of blowing out your pool’s lines (underground pipes), we strongly recommend hiring a pool professional to do this for you. If you’re on a budget, adding swimming pool antifreeze is an affordable and excellent way to keep your pipes from freezing and/or cracking, which could result in a major financial mess for you. understands the importance of proper pool maintenance, during the season and during the winter. You can always count on to be your No. 1 source in everything pool and spa related.


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