Chlorine a must-have to keep your pool water sparkling this summer

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Chlorine a must-have to keep your pool water sparkling this summer

As summertime quickly heats up, it’s essential that you’re using the right chlorine and the right amount of chlorine in your swimming pool. Whether you’re using chlorine tablets, granular chlorine or liquid chlorine, nothing kills bacteria better than chlorine. Using chlorine is also vital because it prevents algae from forming, and it eliminates water-borne viruses and other pathogens that could ruin the enjoyment of your pool. 


It also doesn’t matter if you have an in-ground or above ground pool. Chlorine is chlorine and buying chlorine solely on the type of pool you have is a total misconception that you need to watch out for. 


It’s important to know the difference between stabilized and unstabilized chlorine. Unstabilized chlorine is chlorine that has not had cyanuric acid added to it. Cyanuric acid stabilizes the chlorine making it last longer in the swimming pool. Stabilized chlorine is pretty much exactly like its counterpart, except it has cyanuric acid added to it. Cyanuric acid acts a kind of sunscreen for your swimming pool. 


Unstablized chlorine works best for indoor pools since sunshine isn’t going to burn up the chlorine. Unstablized is also ideal for shocking (increasing the chlorine level to destroy bacteria) your pool and is great for daily doses if your pool is used frequently.


Besides the sunscreen-like protection, stabilizer chlorine can reduce the amount of chlorine you use in you pool. Stabilized chlorine also uses less chlorine to save you money, making pool maintenance much easier. 


There really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to using the different types of chlorine (tablets, granules or liquid), and whether you use stabilized or unstabilized. It’s probably best to keep both types of chlorine – stabilized and unstablized on hand – because using both work hand in hand to make your pool water the best it can be this summer.


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 -David Exum

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