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Chemical Feeders Offer Up Plenty of Fun and Convenience

Figuring out the exact amount of bromine and chlorine your pool needs is never an easy task, unless you consider using one of the various chemical feeders we offer at

Not only is the Flippin’ Frog Floating Mineral and Chlorine Dispenser a great conversation piece as it bobs up and down in your pool, it’s also easy to use. While the Flippin’ Frog floats on the top of the water, it’s hard at work, dispensing a combination of minerals and chlorine used to kill bacteria and fight algae. When the chlorine runs out, the Flippin’ Frog flips over letting you know that it’s time to replace the chlorine cartridge. Using the Flippin’ Frog is a surefire way to keep your pool clean and sparkling all summer long.

While the Shark Fin Chlorinator Dispenser might conjure up images of the terrifying great white shark from the 1975 Hollywood blockbuster, Jaws, as its plastic dorsal fin floats around your pool, you can be rest assured it is delivering just the right amount of chemicals. Unlike other chlorine dispensers, this one has a whimsical design, making it fun to use. The chlorine dispenser accommodates two different tablet sizes for your convenience, and the unit is made from sturdy materials that won't break down in the presence of chlorine. If you have a spa, you can also use the shark fin chlorine dispenser as a brominator. Simply add bromine and let it handle the hard work of killing bacteria and keeping the water sparkling clean.

The fun at doesn’t stop there! Who can resist this adorable Ducky Chlorine Dispenser? The bottom of the dispenser is a simple canister that makes it easy to control the flow of chlorine into your pool. Use the punchable tabs to adjust the flow to your desired level, and then leave the dispenser in place until it is time to refill it. The top of the chlorinator has a cute yellow duck with an orange bill and orange feet. also has an Alligator Chlorine Dispenser that works just like the Ducky, the gator is holding a colorful beach ball that is sure to brighten up any pool.

Another fun-filled chemical feeder worth mentioning is the Froggy Chlorine Dispenser. Kids and grown-ups alike will fall in love with the smiling frog wearing a bright blue shirt as he floats along.

Even though the Floating Chlorine Tablet Dispenser doesn’t feature an adorable ducky or alligator, it will ensure you’re using just the right amount of chlorine every time. This floating chlorine dispenser allows you to maintain precise control over how much chlorine is in the water, making it easier to keep your pool clean and free of harmful bacteria. The dispenser is made of durable plastic and takes up very little space so it’s super easy to store. This chlorine dispenser makes caring for your pool or spa very convenient.

These are just some of the more popular chemical feeders offered at No matter your budget or needs, you are sure to find a chemical feeder that will work for your pool!

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