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Automatic Pool Cleaners that Make Life Easier

The Importance of cleaning your pool

Keeping your pool well maintained with proper cleaning, could prolong its life, prevent bacteria growth and help prevent costly repairs. It is important to clean your pool on a regular basis to keep your pool looking great.

Why automatic pool cleaners?

      • The reduce the amount of chemicals needed to clean the pool
      • Use substantially less energy to run than standard main pool filtration systems
      • Some pressure cleaners require the installation of an extra booster pump which are usually expensive to buy and install.
      • They clean where you need them to clean
      • Save on labor
      • Reduces the how often you have to change your pool filter sand and/or DE power
      • Affordable options

At we have several automatic pool cleaners to choose from. From top of the line to ones that will get the job done, we’ve got one to fit your budget!

Over $1,000:

The Blue Diamond Pool Robotic Cleaner is a robotic pool cleaner with PVA (poly vinyl alcohol) brushes that cling to the pool wall providing a powerful gripping ability. The PVA material lasts twice as long as the conventional bristle rubber brushes and resists oil, bacteria, algae and other contaminants. The Blue Diamond Pool Robotic Cleaner provides a precise cleaning swath.

• 1/2 hour cleaning time on remote control
• 3/4 hour cleaning time on automatic mode
• Wireless RF remote control with 75 foot floating cable
• Programmable to bottom only or entire pool cleaning
• Swivel to prevent cord tangling
• Caddy Cart included

The Polaris PVF9550 Sport Robotic 9550 is a powerful 4-wheel-drive vacuum cleaner when it comes to cleaning and scrubbing your pool’s floor, walls and tile line. The Sport Robotic 9550 is ideal for in-ground pools that are 50-ft in length. This well-built pool cleaner takes just 90 minutes to deliver a sparkling clean oasis for you and your family. It also includes a compact transport caddy that can be assembled in a snap without using any tools.


  • 4-wheel drive robotic cleaner outfitted with Aqua-Trax tires for all pool surfaces
  • ActivMotion Sensor Technology for unmatchable navigation, even in larger and free-from pools
  • Vortex Vacuum Technology allows cleaner to pick up larger debris while maintaining maximum suction
  • Rear water propulsion system allows cleaner to reach debris under stairs and in tight corners
  • Includes 7-day programmable timer, hand held remote and powder coated alloy caddy.
  • Remote control: Yes.

     Under $1,000:  

    The Polaris 360 Complete In Ground Pool Cleaner-F1 is a pool cleaner for any in ground pools. This pool water cleaner works efficiently with an all-wheel drive frame that allows it to get to all areas of the pool. The Polaris 360 pool cleaner has a pool vacuum that effectively works around the entire pool, cleaning those hard to get to regions of the pool. This pool cleaner has advanced cleaning technology ensuring the customer gets the highest level of performance from the Polaris 360 F1. This pressure-side pool cleaner has a filter bag designed to take in all debris quickly and easily, keeping your pool filter running smoothly. This pool cleaner can also be used as an above ground pool cleaner without a problem.


            • Part Number: F1 
            • Vacuum Inlet: 2" 
            • Feed Hose: 31 ft. 
            • Venturi Jets: 3 
            • Debris Bag: Single Chamber 


    The Polaris 280 In Ground Pool Water Cleaner- F5 is a pool cleaner designed to work effectively and efficiently. This pool water cleaner contains a filter bag that takes in large and small debris making the pool look new again. The Polaris 280 pool vacuum gets into all areas of the pool, and will effectively clean the entire pool. The Polaris 280 F5 can also be used as an above ground pool cleaner and has 31 feet of feed hose. The cleaning technology of this Polaris pool cleaner will clean the pool quickly, in 3 hours or less.



                                • Part Number: F5 
                                • Vacuum Inlet: 2 1/2" 
                                • Feed Hose: 31 ft. 
                                • Venturi Jets: 2 
                                • Debris Bag: Single Chamber 

    The Hayward RC9740CUB SharkVAC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner uses steering to provides an efficient cleaning pattern, scouring floors, and coves. It does it in just about 2 hours to give you a sparkling clean pool you can be proud of. This pool cleaner also features an ergonomic handle for ease of use in and out of the pool. This SharkVAC pool cleaner also includes a 50-ft length cable for your added convenience. The economical Hayward SharkVAC Robotic Pool Cleaner tackles the toughest debris in nearly all types of in-ground pools.


                                • Replaces SharkVac Model RC9740
                                • For in-ground pools
                                • For pools up to 20’ x 40’
                                • Scrubs floors only
                                • Works with fiberglass, gunite, and vinyl-lined pools
                                • Includes a 50’ cord
                                • 2-hour cleaning cycle
                                • Filter canister
                                • 24VAC power supply

    The Polaris 65 6-130-00 Above Ground Pool Cleaner is designed to clean vinyl or fiberglass pools and spas that are up to 5’ deep. The Polaris 65 pool cleaner utilizes the clean water pressure returning to your pool to navigate, which in turn leaves both the filter and skimmer free to remove debris from your swimming pool or spa. This pool vacuum includes a 24’ hose to move about around entire length of your pool and operates on your pool’s surface using its Jet Sweep assembly, which allows it to work loose debris in the pool corners by blowing water on the pool walls and floor.


                                  • Pool water cleaner 
                                  • Includes 24-foot hose 
                                  • Part number 6-130-00 
                                  • Cleans 5-foot deep vinyl and fiberglass pool/spas

    - Katie Hodges



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