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Automatic Pool Cleaners makes pool maintenance easier

Instead of wasting your time manually cleaning your pool this summer, isn’t it time to consider the numerous benefits of owning an automatic pool cleaner? By purchasing an automatic pool cleaner at, the agonizing chore of cleaning it manually will be a thing of the past. Depending on the size of your pool, and if it’s an above or in-ground pool, should be the determining factor to the type of pool cleaner you should purchase.

Robotic Cleaners

If you’re looking for the most convenient and ultimate way to clean your pool, you can’t go wrong with a robotic pool cleaner.

There are plenty of benefits to owning a robotic cleaner. Robotic cleaners are energy efficient, and will reduce wear on your filter pump. Other benefits include its ability to pick up larger debris, and it requires no backwashing.

Here’s a glimpse at some of our best-selling and most popular robotic pool cleaners:

Pressure-Side Cleaners

These types of cleaners are ideal because of affordability, and its ability to pick up large debris like leaves and twigs. Pressure-side also work faster than a suction-side cleaner.

Here are some of’s top-selling pressure-side cleaners:

Suction-side cleaners

While suction-side cleaners are the most affordable, it’s important to make sure you have a hose long enough to clean your entire pool.

Here are three suction-side cleaners available at

  • Hayward 2025ADC PoolVac XL Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner – ideal for concrete pools, it scoops up fine sand, debris and insects without the need of a booster pump.
  • Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Pool Cleaner – ideal for above ground pools, the Lil Shark features a dual band of bristles that scrubs debris effortlessly, while its powerful vacuum suction whisks it away.

Visit for a full selection of Robotic Pool Cleaners and more.

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