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Having the right amount of cleaning solvents for your swimming pool, spa or hot tub is just as essential as having the right type of chlorine.

While there are numerous types of solvents available today, we here at want to help guide you to make sure you’re getting the most proverbial bang for your buck.

Instead of replacing those costly pool and spa filter cartridges this summer, why not buy a few bottles of FiltersFast Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge and DE Grid Cleaner.

Packaged in a convenient 32-ounce spray bottle with a heavy-duty, ergonomic handle and nozzle, this multipurpose cleaner does it all when it comes to removing sediment, dirt, rust, calcium, minerals, oils, scale, and much more.

Jack's Magic Power Blue Cartridge & DE Filter Cleaner is another great product for cleaning filter cartridges. This dynamic cleaner, which comes in a 1-quart bottle, removes all contaminants and degreases in minutes, no soaking required.

Nothing can ruin your pool, spa or hot tub experience faster than troublesome scale buildup. Thankfully, has the perfect solution when tackling this type of problem.

Jack’s Magic Scale Off is effective in removing approximately 2-4 millimeters of scale buildup per application. Scale Off can be used on dry tiles, glass block, vinyl liners or stucco using a spray trigger nozzle to apply it. Within minutes, that ugly scale will be a thing of past when you use Jack Magic’s Scale Off!

Leisure Time also offers a complete line of cleaning and protectant solvents that carries. If your spa cover needs a little TLC, no worries. Just make sure to order a bottle of Leisure Time Spa Cover Care. This superb product cleans, restores and protects your spa and /or hot tub cover from damaging UV rays. It also protects against weathering, fading and discoloration.

Leisure Time Fast Gloss is another great product to protect and seal pool and spa finishes. Fast gloss is easy to use and protects pool and spa surfaces from sunlight, harsh chemicals and temperatures.

Go ahead and take an inventory of your pool and spa cleaning solvents to make sure you’ve got everything you need this summer, and remember, is always here with Live Messenger Support to help with any questions that may arise.

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