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If you winterized your pool properly, opening it won’t be a problem with a little help from your friends at

After removing the cover, go ahead a replace any water that may have evaporated. Once that’s finished, you can now make a visual inspection of the water in the pool. If it’s green and murky looking, we recommend Pool Care Instant Shock.

This powerful product is designed to rapidly exterminate algae, slime, and unpleasant odors. We suggest routine shock treatments to control algae growth. For the best results, add 1-lb of shock treatment to 10,000 gallons of pool water at night or when not in use.

Still have algae build up on the walls of your pool after a thorough shock treatment? No problem! This 10-inch wide Algae Brush along with a heavy-duty vacuum or leaf sweep is essential for removing and keeping dirt and debris from adhering to the walls of the pool. 

Don’t forget about the bottom of the pool! Whether you use one of the many automatic pool cleaners carries, like the Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Above Ground Pool Cleaner, or the more advanced Polaris PVF9550 Sport Robotic 9550, vacuuming up debris should be on your to-do list.

Cleaning the bottom of the pool manually won’t be that much of a chore either with the Pro Weighted Clear View Liner Vacuum. If the pool water is blue and still sparkling, it never hurts to test the condition of the water with the Aquachek Pro 5 Way Test Strips. These affordable test strips test for total chlorine, bromine, hardness, pH and alkalinity. This replacement water test is intended to work in you pool or spa, regardless of the temperature.The Aquachek water test is also safe, reliable and comprehensive.

Having plenty of chlorine on hand is another important part of opening and maintaining your pool all summer long. Ordering a few 10-lb buckets of Pool Care 3-inch Chlorine Tablets is definitely a good start. These tablets last up to 7 days and act as disinfectant and algaecide. These hard-working, 3-in tablets are suitable for 10,000 gallons of pool water. Another must-have when opening your pool is the all-important Leaf Skimmer.

While offers a variety to choose from, our staff favorite is the Purity Pool GTTD Gator 24-Inch Professional Leaf Rake. This leaf rake uses standard size mesh netting with Purity Pool's most abrasion resistant material, ideal for use on pool surfaces with rough plaster or exposed aggregate. also carries a full line of chemicals. We’ve got everything from algaecides, to chlorine-free alternatives, and even chemicals if you have a hot tub or spa to accompany your pool. We not only ensure the best quality in all the products we sell, we also offer affordability for that cost-conscious pool owner. We’re – Where the Pool People Shop and we’re here for you all season.

- David Exum

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