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7 Steps to Close Your Pool Properly

Closing your pool doesn’t have to be a hassle. Thanks to the pool experts at AcePools.com, properly closing your pool can be a breeze by following these seven simple steps.

  1. Balance the Water - About 4-7 days prior to closing your pool for winter, bring your pool pH, pool alkalinity, and calcium hardness to the proper level. Shock the pool with a chlorine shock to bring the chlorine level up to the manufacturer suggested level. Allow the pool chlorine to settle to the recommended level before adding any pool algaecides, pool winterizing chemicals, or your pool cover.


  1. Remove Any Pool Accessories - Remove the skimmer baskets, heaters, slide, any wall fittings, vacuums, pool cleaners, ladders, handrails, or anything else that shouldn't be in the pool. Scoop out any debris on the top and bottom of the pool using a good leaf rake. You may want to invest in a winter conditioner or a winterization swimming pool water treatment kit to keep your pool water chemistry on track.


  1. Clean and Backwash the Filter – Give your pool a good final vacuuming and brushing. After that is completed, you’ll want to perform one more backwash to flush out your entire system.


  1. Reduce the Water Level – Drain about 4 to 6 inches of water and make sure the water level is below the skimmer to avoid any damage during the winter.


  1. Drain Your Pump, Filter and Chlorinating Equipment – Draining the water out of your pool filtering equipment will keep water from freezing inside them and causing damage.


  1. Empty Your Chemical Feeder – Wear safety gloves and goggles to ensure your safety when tackling this step. Emptying the chemical feeder will keep it from sustaining any freezing damage during the winter.


  1. Winter Pool Cover – Do an inventory of your Winter Pool Cover. Make sure there are no cracks or tears, and don’t forget to look at the clamps and other hardware used to secure it. Pro Tip: Place air pillows underneath the pool cover to keep water and/or debris from collecting on top.



Follow these steps and before you know it, you’ll be getting ready to open your pool again next spring!




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