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How to Open a Pool- Swimming Pool Opening Tips

  • With spring right around the corner, it is never too early to start thinking about reopening your swimming pool for the season.  With temperatures rising and kids getting tired of being cooped up inside, why not focus on what’s to come…. swimming, frolicking and general pool merriment!  This process does not have to be a huge hassle with a little preparation and time management.   If you are sure that winter cold weather is behind you and temperatures seem to be stable, usually in the 70’s as a rule of thumb, then the time to reopen the pool has arrived!


Here are some basic steps to follow:


  • Clear debris from OUTSIDE of the pool. This is often overlooked, but can be a real time saver in the long run.  Make sure to clean up any leaves, branches, dirt and other debris in the surrounding pool area that would later be tracked into the water.

  • Remove the cover. Clear all debris and standing water from the top of your cover to avoid a big mess later when preparing the cover for storage. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cover removal and use all appropriate tooling as needed.

  • Add water to appropriate operating level for your pool.

  • Change plugs and check skimmer baskets/ basket strainers for damage. Make sure to remove all of your winter plugs and parts that were installed to prevent freeze damage.  Replace with your in-season plugs and parts.

  • Clean debris from pool bottom. Add a chemical clarifier to help breakdown the debris. Start by raking out the largest debris, and then use your vacuuming system for a thorough cleaning. Don’t forget to brush the pool walls as well. Visit to find a variety of cleaning systems.

  • Start the pump and filter system. Follow instructions carefully.  Check filters for damage and water leaks at connections. Backwash your filter if needed.  Replace filters as necessary.

  • Shock, test and stabilize the water. Chemically shock your water, then 24 hours later, test it. Once desired chemical levels are achieved, don’t forget to stabilize or condition your water to prevent rapid loss of chlorine due to UV rays. Throughout the season, make sure to use a high quality algaecide to kill any present algae and to prevent it from forming. All of your pool chemicals can be found at

    • Take inventory and replace needed items.  Now that your pool water is ready, go ahead and check other pool parts such as lighting, steps and ladders, pool toys, and all other equipment and maintenance items. Repair and replace as needed. 

    • Set-up your outdoor sanctuary. Clean and set-up your outdoor furniture, table and chairs, tiki torches and barbecue grill.

      Now all you have to do is wait for the truly warm weather to arrive so that you can start enjoying your backyard oasis!  Please visit, where pool people shop, for all of your swimming pool needs.

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