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How to Know it’s Time to Change Your Pool Filter Cartridge

The life of your filter cartridge will vary depending on quality of water passing through, application, usage rates, quality of the cartridge, and more. However, there are certain indicators that alert you to replace your filter cartridge.

1.    Fabric is worn: Generally, cartridges are made of polyester media which will wear out over time. The material will start to develop visible holes (which only become more visible as time passes) and may even look “hairy” (eww!). The holes in particular will allow debris to pass through the filter and back into your swimming pool.

2.    Endcaps are cracked: The endcaps are likely to last longer than the filter media. However, over a period of time, the endcaps of your filter cartridge will become weak from constant chemical exposure and pressure.  It is time to replace.

3.    High Pressure gauge reading: When the pressure gauge reads 10-12 psi above the level recorded when you first installed the filter cartridge, it is time for it to be cleaned. However, if after cleaning, the pressure reading remains the same or decreases slightly, it is time to replace the cartridge.

4.    Bands are broken:  Many filter cartridges have bans around the outside of them. If several of them are broke, it’s time to change it. The bands around the cartridge play a vital role in keeping the pleats from flattening under pressure, which allows for a greater surface area.

5.    Pleats are flattening: Over time, the integrity of the material diminishes and the pleats will start to flatten. Your filter cartridge will then lose its effectiveness.

When you see these signs, don’t wait to replace your pool filter cartridge. Even before you see these signs, it is always best to have a replacement or two waiting to be used when the current filter reaches the end of its life. has a large collection of filter cartridges to fit your needs, browse through and choose the one for you today.

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