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The Type of Pool Filter You Should Use

The type of pool filter you should use for your home depends on a few different factors such as local city codes, personal preferences, and the type of pool you have. There are three choices of pool filters.


Sand Filter

A sand filter utilizes sand as a filter media and typically has a filtration efficiency of 40 microns. They are generally easy to backwash (running it in reverse) while the filter media should be replaced every 3-6 years.


DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filter

A Diatomaceous Earth filter has a 5 micron filtration efficiency and should be cleaned every 4-8 weeks. During each backwash, the filter media should be replaced with a new one. Check your local city codes before choosing to invest in a DE filter as not all municipalities will allow its use. Its lower micron rating means that a water clarifier would not generally be needed.


Cartridge Filter

A cartridge filter has a filtration efficiency of 10 microns. Cartridge pool filters have a greater surface area than sand filters which allows for fewer clogs and an easier maintenance.  This filter media should be replaced seasonally, while the cleaning frequency varies depending on which unit you use.


Note: Cartridge and DE pool filters are best used for home swimming pools and not for public pools. A sand filter, however, will work for both private and public pools.



The choice of filter you choose is largely up to you. However, it is recommended that you verify which types of pool filters are recommended for your swimming pool before deciding on any one type. Due to its good performance and relatively easy maintenance, cartridge filters are often chosen for new/first-time pool owners.


For current pool owners satisfied with the performance of their filter, choosing the same filter type again would be a great option as you’ll know ahead of time exactly what you’re getting. For current pool owners not satisfied with the way their filter system works, I suggest thinking about what it is you are not satisfied with and consider which of the remaining options would best meet your needs.


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