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Must-Have Swimming Pool Equipment for Your Pool


Whether you have an in ground pool or an above ground pool, there are certain items that will go a long way in keeping routine and proper maintenance.


Pool filters: This is the most important pool equipment. No swimming pool is complete (or should even be used) without a pool filter. There are 3 different kinds of pool filters: Sand, cartridge and DE (Diatomaceous Earth), each with their own advantages.


Pool Cleaners: Keeping your pool clean is one of the more critical aspects of pool maintenance. Using an automatic pool cleaner will help make this cleanup process less arduous by sucking up debris in the pool. The Flexible Contouring Pool Vacuum Head is designed to fit the shape (or outline) of your swimming pool to remove unwanted debris and dirt.


Plastic Pole Hanger & Storage: Keeping your pool clean is critical and having a place to store some of your cleaning materials is just as important. Pool storage and racks are perfect for storing telescopic poles and other pool cleaning equipment such as life hooks, hoses, nets and more.


Pool covers: Whether it’s a safety cover, a winter cover or a leaf catcher cover, swimming pool covers are an item you should look into. Increased security by helping to prevent dangerous falls, and an easier cleaning by protecting against an accumulation of debris in your water are some of the benefits of having a pool cover.


“The small stuff”: Without a drain plug, how would you keep your water in the pool? That’s why I stress to not forget the small stuff such as the o-rings and gaskets, drain plugs, screws, nuts and bolts, and more. These items may seem “small” but they can make a huge difference in maintaining your pool.


There are many more pool equipment and accessories that we offer on our website. Browse our collection and find the item(s) that work best for your pool needs.

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