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Fun Swimming Pool Games: Jump Right In!


At the beginning of pool season, the kids can’t get enough of the swimming pool. By mid-summer, when the heat really starts to set in, you might find them (and yourself) getting a little bored at the pool. You can only play Marco Polo and Sharks and Minnows so many times before losing interest. It is probably time to come up with some fresh ideas and activities. 

Did you know that you can play some of your favorite sports in your swimming pool? Here are some affordable and fun swimming pool games available at, where the pool people shop:

Basketball: You can choose from several models that include the hoop, base and waterproof basketball, depending on what you have in mind. There are sets that contain a floating base and hoop or sets with an actual post and base that will sit right outside of the pool’s edge.

Volleyball or Badminton: Set, spike and score! Set-up a volleyball net designed to go across the entire width of your pool, available for both in-ground and above ground pools. Or you can choose a set with a smaller, floating net. Most include additional equipment, such as rackets and birdies to play the game badminton as well.

Ping Pong: Ping pong anyone? A floating ping pong table that comes with balls and paddles will be sure to keep the kids busy.

Diving Toys: Don’t forget the diving toys! You no longer have to settle for boring old dive rings. Melissa & Doug offer a variety of dive toys that will sink to the pool bottom only to be retrieved by your little diver (or big diver for that matter!)

As you can see, there are many games and even sports that can be played while in the swimming pool. Don’t limit yourself to the old standbys, although they are fun for a while, they can become boring and monotonous.





Visit, where the pool people shop, to explore a wide variety of interesting toys and games for your pool this summer!

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