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Poolercise….Exercising in the Pool!

Owning a swimming pool can be a blast. The kids certainly know how to use it to its full potential. It can also be a nice way to relax after a hard day. But have you considered using it as your at-home gym? Whether you are looking for low impact aerobic exercise that is gentle on joints or if you are already very physically fit and are looking to increase your strength and stamina, Aquatic Exercise has something to offer you!

Benefits of swimming pool exercises include:

• Improves cardio health, endurance and stamina, with low impact on joints and muscles.
• Increases flexibility and mobility.
• Burns more calories to aid in weight loss. Resistance from the water enables you to burn more calories than the same exercise on land.
• Receive strength training. Water works as natural weight bearing resistance to improve muscle tone.
• Good for your heart. Your heart works more efficiently in the water, keeping blood pressure and heart rate down, compared to the same exertion on land.
• Saves money. Eliminate your gym membership during pool season.

And let’s not forget the benefit of convenience. Finding the time and motivation to make it to the gym isn’t always feasible; especially during the summer months. It just might be the last thing you want to do on a nice, sunny, summer day! If you put in the hard work of maintaining a beautiful swimming pool, why not let the swimming pool do something for you?

Many people enjoy swimming laps which can burn between 5-800 calories per hour! Even treading water (not swimming laps) can burn upwards of 400+ calories per hour! There are many different types of pool exercise equipment designed to be used in swimming pool as well, including free weights, ankle/ wrist weights and weighted belts. Even your kid’s pool noodle can be used as exercise equipment. Keep in mind, your own body weight is very effective for resistance training while in the water, so additional equipment is not always necessary.

You can take it upon yourself to determine the best options for you. An example swimming pool workout would be to swim or tread water for 20 – 30 minutes, then focus on weight bearing exercise for toning. If you are interested in a more structured workout, there are many programs available online. I have selected a few below to highlight.

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If structured workouts aren’t your thing, never fear; a great way to actively enjoy your pool is to play games! Visit Acepools.com for a wide variety of games such as pool volleyball, badminton, basketball, even ping pong! Games are a great way to exercise while enjoying your friends and family.

So suspend that gym membership during pool season. Instead, head to the backyard and hop in!

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