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Pool Lights: Swimming Pool Lighting Options


Swimming in the dark is a thing of the past thanks to technological advancements in pool lighting.  The market has exploded with so many choices ranging from colored, dramatic lights to more soft and subtle mood lighting.  Routine pool maintenance, such as that needed for the pump and filtration system is not necessarily very glamorous work, but pool lighting; now that can get exciting!


This is where your personality can come into play and you can get as creative as you want. The first thing you will need to do is determine what type of lighting you wish to install.  There are multiple options, both above and in-ground.  When designing your pool, you can incorporate in-ground lighting in the form of LED bulbs or Fiber Optics.  This type of lighting is installed underneath the waterline of the pool and usually provides the most dramatic effect. It can also be quite expensive.


If you still wish for colorful lights, but do not have in-ground installation, never fear!  There are many other affordable options available like the AquaGlow Pool Underwater Light Starship. This floating light features 6 colorful LED lights with 8 different lighting options. As it floats around the pool, the colors and patterns change randomly creating a magical effect spanning 10 – 15 feet.


Another fun option is the AquaGlow Go Anywhere Indoor/Outdoor/Pool Light Show. This versatile light features 7 different light show patters and can float, hang, or remain stationery while being positioned on pivoting legs.  This light operates both indoors, outdoors, and inside of your pool so it can literally be used anywhere!


This interesting pool light called the ChillLite Bubble Light. It is a globe shaped GLI light that produces a soft, sophisticated glow of red, white, green or blue with the option to remain constant or gently fade from one color into the next.  The ChillLIte Bubble is designed to float or as a decorative piece on the deck or integrated into the landscaping around your pool.


And I would be remiss without mentioning arguable one of the most interesting pool lights available on the market today which is the Dancing Pool Waters Light & Fountain Show. This light responds to the music from your MP3 player and with most wired or wireless speaker systems up to 75 feet away! The lighting pattern changes with the intensity of the music.  And at on $19.99, this is by far one of the most affordable options available.


So as you can see, when it comes to swimming pool and spa lighting options, the choice is yours!  Visit Acepools.com, where the pool people shop, to view a wide range of lights as well as all of your other pool and spa needs.   



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